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13005 Southern Boulevard, Medical Mall 2, Suite 212
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(561) 249-0390
13005 Southern Boulevard, Medical Mall 2, Suite 212
Loxahatchee, FL 33470 | Directions

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I would definitely go back to see him. He is smart & com-
passionate. I am very pleased with the results that I have.
by ANNA L. Stars


Spina Bifida Surgery

Spina Bifida Surgery

The diagnosis of spina bifida, or myelomeningocele, can be a shock to expecting parents.Spina bifida is a congential disorder where the tissues of the spine...


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Recent Patient Reviews

"Dr.Jarial is very professional and I am very pleased with his work. I feel youthful and am excited for the summer to arrive. The recovery was great and Dr.Jarial was available to answer any question pre and post-op. I recommend him to anyone looking to get any procedure done."

Damary G.
"Dr. Jarial Is the best hands down. He did my bbl yesterday March 29 2017. Dr. He is well educated and he had answer for all my question i asked with ease. It wasn't anything he did know, Dr Jarial really eased my mind i was a nervous wreck lol (i even took it as far as writing my goodbye letter to my family before i met him lol) He called me 3 times before and after surgery to make sure i was comfortable and knew what to expect. My body look so got d@^#% excellent im very happy with my results he made me my idea body. My butt looks delicious with and my waist and stomach is snatched. Im proud to be a Jarial Doll"

"Yes I had surgery on 22 February with Dr. Jarial and he is an amazing person he takes his time and explains to you everything makes you feel really comfortable and then when the surgery is over he also takes the time to make sure you're OK and to follow up days after I would say go to him for if you want results and just the good experience with him."

"Dr. Jarial was great! He's very professional and at the same time makes his patients feel comfortable and at ease before and after procedure. I am very pleased with his work.

I wanted a curvier body as I've always been thin and very self conscious about it. Dr. Jarial was realistic with me when discussing my potential results which I really appreciated. The staff was great. They were patient with me and very attentive after the surgery. They called to check up on me every single day. I am still not 100% recovered, but I love the results! I apologize for not posting any pictures but I'm no longer the stick figure I've always been and I get compliments on my figure on a daily! I'm so excited that this isn't even the final result and I'm already this pleased with it."

SoFetchBetch, Plantation, FL
"I have been wanting to have surgery, to give me hips for a long time, so I began researching months ago. Finally I found a place in Weston to do the surgery. Unfortunately, after blood tests and consultations - on the day that my surgery was meant to take place, they called me and informed that the doctor was no longer with them and that they did not have any other doctor working at their facility - they said that their office had closed down a few days prior. Dr. Jarial met on a Saturday with me. That following Monday - 3 days since my consult - I had my surgery. Everything was wonderful, and went beautifully. The anesthesiologist was very informative, he made sure I understood everything. I can't stress this enough, Dr Jarial is amazing. And the staff was very professional. After my surgery, they were all around my bed to make sure I was doing okay. Then everyone walked me out to my friends car, making sure that I was feeling well enough to travel. Thank you all so much, and especially to you Dr. Ravinder Jarial."

Magda N.
"Thank you Dr. Jarial and the staff at RSJ Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach County, after a thorough consultation process and in depth options to resolve my over excessive belly weight, our solution surely did the trick."

Maria B.
"I would definitely go back to see him. He is smart and compassionate. I’m very pleased with the results that I have."

Anna L.

32 Years Old 3 Kids and Well Needed Tummy Tuck!! - Miami, FL

"Just finally found a Doctor I'm comfortable with for my tummy tuck/ lipo Dr. Jarial in Miami at Broward Cosmetics. Paid in full now just waiting and trying to find a reasonable recovery house.. Any suggestions?? I'm so excited I have had prior work done had lipo bbl with Dr. Kenneth Stein here in Chicago that was in 2014 so now I'm going to Miami way cheaper and better results.."


26 Years Old, Breast Aug 480cc's - West Palm Beach, FL

"My consultation was with Doctor Jarial, and he was just over all great. Super personable, he took his time and got to know me. I did not feel like just another patient, which some doctors have the bad habit of doing. He also had an amazing way of not making me feel weird, lol, I didn't feel awkward, I suppose it is because he was very professional. His advice on sizes was realistic to my body,ect.

Keep in mind that my boobs looked nuts right after surgery, they were super high and compared to others they took really long to drop, but my massages helped tremendously. I now understand that this process is normal."


After Loosing Almost 120 Pounds Decided to Do a Much Needed Mommy Makeover - West Palm Beach, FL

"I was very satisfied with Dr. Jarial and his staff specially his Medical Asst. Claudia, they are both terrific. I felt so much love, and I totally love my results so far, only a week after surgery and my body feels amazing I can't wait to see my final results, but so far I loved Dr. Jarial job :) My tummy was very big after loosing all those pounds as soon as I got home and saw myself in the mirror I could'nt believe that was me, my boobs are still swollen and the implants have not dropped down , but I've done my search and I know they will settle in place :)"


Botox and Collagen Injection. Palm Beach, FL

"So happy that I meet Dr Jarial. He is knowledgeable and personable; I've been to other doctors before for botox injections and collagen injection but he is the only one that listen to my wishes, answered my questions and made me trust him with my face. He is and will be my plastic surgeon whenever I need to do enhancements to my body."


25 Year Old with Subborn Abdominal Fat - Plantation, FL

"I had an open stomach surgery due to an injury in a car accident in 2011 so my stomach was not flat nor even. I am very happy with results and have gained a lot of confidence from this procedure. I can see a huge difference already and I am only two weeks post op. Dr. Jarial was very professional and even called me personally after my surgery, something few Drs. would do. Also, his incisions are great and barely visible. I am overall very happy with my experience with Dr. Jarial and would recommend him."


54 Yrs Old and Determined to Botox and Juvederm Aging As Long As Possible - West Palm Beach, FL

"I had Botox injections to my forehead and frown lines and juvederm to fill in the "parenthesis" around the nose and lips. I am a 54 yrs old mother of 3 grown children and everyone says that my daughters , who are in their middle 30's and I look like sisters and I would like to keep it that way for a bit longer."


39 Year Old Mother of 3 Boys. Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Ok real self I have been wanting a BBL even before I knew what a BBL was, all I knew was I needed more buns than what I had. So I began my research and pulled together all my info, and started my journey to look for the perfect Dr. to perform my BBL. I went to several different Drs. before I seen the Vanity commercial. and decided to do a walk on Dec. of 2013 to meet with a coordinator that set me up with Dr.Bass. I wasn't really feeling his, but I still went and locked in the special rate they were offering at that time which was $3,500 for fullback liposuction and BBL. I continued to make payments over the next year and a half, although I really wasn't pleased with Dr. Bass demeanor. I had the consolation, moving forwards to this year February 2015 when I went to Vanity to schedule my surgery date and that's when the girls at the front desk informed me that Dr.Bass was no longer at the Broward office and if I still wanted him to do my surgery I would have go to the Miami office. That was a no,no due to the fact I stay in Broward. Remember I wasn't really feeling him anyway so that was a good thing for me. I was so happy when the girls also informed me about Dr. Jarial, so went to meet with him and he was so pleasant and informative. He answered all my questions (and oh did I have a lot of questions lol). I felt so much better after talking to Dr. Jarial and his assistant Claudia (she's the best). So I scheduled for March 24,2015. I originally really wanted a big ole donkey booty but the day of surgery I told him to do what's best and just make it look natural, and that's exactly what he did. I was very pleased with my outcome 'cause I came in with a realistic Image of myself in my head of my outcome. Dr. Jarial and Claudia were very attentive once I woke up and after I went home I received calls from the both of them that same night. Overall my husband and myself are very pleased with my outcome!"


Much Needed Tummy Tuck - Plantation, FL

"After researching the TT for 28 years... I finally found Dr. Ravinder Jarial at RSJ Plastic Surgery... Let me just start by saying he is the ultimate best plastic surgeon. He is very professional and has the best bedside manners I have ever seen. His work is top grade. I am so pleased with his work I will recommend Dr. Jarial to anyone that really wants to look their best.

I only have great things to say about Dr. Jarial... Thank you for making me feel good about myself again."


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