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I would definitely go back to see him. He is smart & com-
passionate. I am very pleased with the results that I have.
by ANNA L. Stars


Spina Bifida Surgery

Spina Bifida Surgery

The diagnosis of spina bifida, or myelomeningocele, can be a shock to expecting parents.Spina bifida is a congential disorder where the tissues of the spine...

Surgeon serving West Palm Beach, Florida area offers Brazilian butt lift

female buttocks after Brazilian Butt Lift treatment

Certain celebrities are well known for their curves. Part of that curviness is the buttocks area. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a body that provides the curves they desire. Aging can also play a part in flattening and sagging your rear end. If you long to have red carpet curves, Brazilian butt lift surgeon Dr. Ravinder Jarial (serving the West Palm Beach, Florida area) recommends a consultation to find out if this is a good solution for you. Brazilian butt lift This procedure uses fat from other places in your body, making it the most natural way to augment … Continue reading

Respected facial plastic surgeon near West Palm Beach, FL offers personalized solutions

Beautiful mature woman looking in the mirror

These days, most of the buzz is about new cosmetic dermatology treatments such as fillers and peels. It may seem that no one considers facelifts a viable anti-aging treatment any longer. Dr. Ravinder Jarial, a facial plastic surgeon near West Palm Beach, FL disagrees. Dr. Jarial is interested in helping patients develop personalized plans for their unique needs. For some people, a facelift is the ideal solution for the results they crave. RSJ Plastic Surgery is here to help you find out what a facelift can do for you. Facelifts Facelifts are performed through tiny incisions at the temples. These … Continue reading

Love your curves again with a Brazilian butt lift in Palm Beach

Brazilian Butt Lift Palm Beach

Board-certified surgeon, Dr. Ravinder Jarial, and his team can give you the curves you’ve always wanted or restore the fullness of your backside. Fight the effects of gravity, weight loss, or your DNA with a Brazilian butt lift in the Palm Beach area at the Loxahatchee office of RSJ Plastic Surgery. About the procedure The Brazilian butt lift increases the fullness and roundness of your buttocks, creating a contoured silhouette. When Dr. Jarial’s patients feel better about how they look and how their clothes fit, their self-confidence is enhanced. Also called buttock augmentation, the procedure is generally known as a … Continue reading

Regain your pre-baby curves with a mommy makeover customized to your goals in West Palm Beach

Mommy Makeover West Palm Beach

A “mommy makeover” is specific to mommy’s needs. The term refers to a combination of procedures that address post-childbirth changes, which are unique to each woman. The unwanted changes that lead to wanting a Mommy makeover in West Palm Beach may include: Loose abdominal skin Stubborn pockets of fat Deflated, saggy breasts Board-certified surgeon Dr. Ravinder Jarial addresses post-baby concerns with a variety procedures, including: Tummy tuck Liposuction Breast lift Breast augmentation Your body can be restored to its pre-baby glory in no time. Advanced techniques and technologies allow many procedures to be performed in a single appointment. Ready to … Continue reading

Facelift advancements, West Palm Beach specialist’s skill create comfortable procedure, desired results

Dr. Ravinder Jarial Face Lift Treatment in West Palm Beach Fl

The facelift procedure in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area has never been more comfortable and effective, thanks to advanced technologies and techniques. While this procedure has evolved significantly in the past 15 years, let alone the past 35 years, it’s important to trust your health and appearance to a skilled, experienced Board-certified surgeon: Dr. Ravinder Jarial of RSJ Plastic Surgery in Loxahatchee. A healthy starting point: The thorough consultation Any successful procedure starts with assessing your suitability for that treatment. RSJ Plastic Surgery offers many nonsurgical approaches to softening lines, lifting sunken areas, and improving the appearance of … Continue reading

West Palm Beach area doctor restores appearance and vision with correction of sagging eyelids

Dr. Ravinder Jarial Botox Treatment in West Palm Beach Fl

By turning to RSJ Plastic Surgery, you are getting an effective treatment to improve the appearance of your crow’s feet and worry lines, administered with utmost safety: Botox® in West Palm Beach. The FDA-approved procedure is among the most studied medical aesthetic treatments. Known to be well-tolerated and safe, your results and experience with Botox® depends on the training and skill level of the professional injecting the solution into those muscles responsible for the repeated contractions that produce dynamic and eventually static expression lines. From the RSJ office in Loxahatchee, Board-certified surgeon Dr. Ravinder Jarial applies his skill and knowledge, … Continue reading

West Palm Beach area doctor restores appearance and vision with correction of sagging eyelids

Sagging Eyelids West Palm Beach

Dr. Jarial takes years off of patients’ faces and can restore clear vision with a precise, conservative surgical approach to correct sagging eyelids in West Palm Beach. Why you may need surgical intervention The scientific term for droopy and saggy lids, ptosis, can be caused by congenital and neurological conditions, but is commonly associated with aging. As the tendon attached to the levator muscle responsible for lifting the eyelid weakens, it causes the lid to droop. Age-related changes to fat distribution can cause excess padding over or under the lids, droopy brows, and bags that make you look older and … Continue reading

Spider veins in West Palm Beach are a thing of the past with sclerotherapy

Spider veins West Palm Beach

If you’re reading this, you may be among the 40 to 45 percent of men or 50 to 55 percent of women suffering with problem veins. You don’t have to live with unsightly spider veins in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area anymore, thanks to RSJ Plastic Surgery’s gentle, convenient, and effective sclerotherapy treatment. Why you may need treatment  Any vein can become a red, blue, or purple spider vein. The muscles in your legs help the narrow, elastic walls of the veins transport blood to the heart where arteries carry the blood to tissues. Age-related changes cause the … Continue reading

Palm Beach doctor explains Brazilian butt lifts

Brazilian Butt Lift Palm Beach

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jarial’s goal is for all patients to feel amazing and confident in their own skin. He makes sure that patients are informed of all the available procedures to augment and enhance body contours. One newer procedure, the Brazilian butt lift is quickly gaining momentum for its ability to minimize excess fat in the abdominal area and redistribute it to the buttock area for improved overall shape.   Brazilian butt lifts are a great way to improve the shape of the body, giving patients a smaller waist and fuller buttocks. This is accomplished through fat transfer. … Continue reading

What are the common procedures associated with a West Palm Beach mommy makeover?

Girl applying sunscreen to mother

For many women, becoming a mother fulfills a lifelong goal. While the experience can be fulfilling and transcend all expectations, it can also bring a lot of changes. Whether you’ve had one child or several, pregnancy can alter the way your body looks. For some, this isn’t a concern, but for many women, there is a desire to have “their beautiful body back.” Some of the most common changes occur to the breasts and the abdomen. Sometimes the breasts will no longer be as full as they used to be, and the stomach can develop loose skin or loose muscles. … Continue reading